Formation of Parliament for Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) that operate as International Bureau of Corporations (IBECO) for governments, companies, organisations, and Global Muslim Alliance (GMA) by the Union of statutory corporate bodies in charge of Islamic affairs administration and legitimate representation of Islam and Muslims nationally and internationally commonly known as Muslim Supreme Councils (MSC) in countries of secular state, while in countries of Islamic state, it’s the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) is the founder member of GMA aiming at the Unity of Muslim Ummah in the world by Union of Muslim Supreme Councils (UMSC) of each country and Ministries of Islamic affairs to agree upon uniform application of internationally approved sharia laws in member states. This is the pillar to hold weak countries in Islam to comply fully with Sharia laws by advocating for constitutional rights and freedom granted to Muslims endorsed by the state.

International Bureau of Corporations (IBECO) and Global Muslim Alliance (GMA) Correspondence is with Ministry of foreign affairs, and Ministry of home affairs of member state in accordance with diplomatic operations, including preparations of IBECO&GMA Summit that will always be held once a year rotating with in member states. IBECO&GMA was founded in 2016 with one major position of secretary general who is the head of secretariat comprised of secretaries appointed by their statutory bodies. IBECO&GMA Secretary General (SG) appointed to serve in his office for minimum of 1 year.

The position of Secretary General rotates with in Member states of SKA, He is appointed by Sultan from the Hosting Country of IBECO&GMA Summit, and proposed names are given to Sultan by IBECO&GMA summit hosting country to choose a Secretary General and His assistant.