Business corporations are widely spread over the world for trade exchange, since World War 2, the world has changed the way of doing business by increasing opening borders for international trade transactions creating export and import mechanism that binds all those involved in the business together.

Countries have entered into multiple business treaties involving big loans resulting into a new trend in business not defined by political boundaries but by an agreement signed between two or more countries.

Discovery of oil has changed the world economy further in such a way that , when oil prices increase , everything else increase because of transportation, in order to control oil prices, business corporations were formed like OPEC, etc. in Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA), we have a bureau that forge business partnerships to widen up the world market in modern world.

Those countries who become member states of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) trade in different ways that can only be opened by Business initiatives of SKA dealing in all types of products and services such foods, software, clothing’s, technology, medicines, etc.