Global Office

Every country that becomes IBECO member states opens a diplomatic office of IBECO in the capitals for offering services of that government to customers of free Trade zone. Services include issuance of Business travel Document to citizens of that country.

The IBECO office in the capital form part of one central Office of IBECO which has permanent secretaries’ offices for each IBECO member state. All requests are only received at the central office and services are delivered at IBECO office in the Capital. For example issuance of Business travel document for the free Trade Zone, the applications are collected online by the central office but they are processed and issued at IBECO office in the capital of IBECO member states and at Embassies.

IBECO member states activate IBECO operations at their embassies for their citizens living in those countries. The IBECO operations at embassies report direct to office of permanent secretary of IBECO member state at Central Office who reports to Ministry of foreign affairs.