These are established corporations for humanitarian crisis and disaster management, with immediate response to those in need of help, including building a camp for relocations of people their houses destroyed by natural hazardous such as floods, strong winds or hurricanes, earth quake, wild fires, etc.

 In modern world, the major cause of humanitarian crisis is wars when the west has invaded Middle East causing a major humanitarian catastrophe in history in countries such as Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, etc, cities were destroyed in these countries, children are made orphans and their mothers became widows, living in refugee camps, while those who survived wars are living in extreme poverty, we are facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world since world war II.    

The Humanitarian Camp needs Supply of food and water, medication, blankets, beds, clothing, electricity, etc. there is a need to settle back the refugees in their homeland after the crisis, providing them with logistics that includes transport, and some money.

Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) coordinates with corporations in the establishment of humanitarian funding for disaster management, working with available humanitarian corporations to arbitrate on behalf of the refugees between governments, providing guidance on the proper approach of helping those in need with immediate response.