Imam Mahad sadiqul Amin

Coming of Imam Mahad Sadiqul Amin

Alhamdu Lillah Rabil Alameen Wasalaat Wasalaam ala Rasulu llah Mustapha Sallah aleih wasallama. Khutba that evolves about the huge rare public declaration i personally made and believers are looking for the authenticity of what i said regarding comming of Sayidina Jibrael aleih salam to me to save the Ummah. All Praise due to Allah Subhanahu Wataala ,blessings and salutations we convey Upon our beloved master prophet Muhammad sallah aleih wasallama (peace be upon him). Its harder to return as a prophet than to be sent as one.
At these end times of word life which has reached closer to the day of judgement, so many unusual things are happening but the worst and most is oppression of Muslims in the world , excessive blood shed massacre of innocent , and disappearance of justice among the leaders, Arab leaders unite for Israel the Jews against Palestinians the believers under oppression.
The Umah has is always been hopeful praying to Allah Subhanahu Wataala to help and save believers, currently the major hope is if He sends Imam Mahad Sadiqul Amin to Emerge as promised in Authentic narrations that he will come at end of time when the Ummah is in desperate situation, with him will return prophet Isa aleih Salaam who will Kill Dajjal. Remember, its harder to return as a prophet than to be sent as one. If Nabi Isa Comes back to day and he says i am Nabi Isa , the first to deny him are those who are waiting for him because its harder to return as a prophet than to be sent as one.
we have two things that are authentically recorded in books of Islam, the events which took place and the events that still to happen as promised. Those events which took place are clearly recorded and as readers we are done with them for example the passing of our beloved prophet Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama, and chopping off the head of his grand son sahaba Hussein Radhia llahu anhu, we all know who did it and the element of doing such a horrible sin grew stronger over the years until to date we have haters of the family of our beloved prophet Muhamad Sallah aleih wasallama as they hate those who love him, they only want the benefit of Islam he brought for example getting too much money from Hajj and Umra.
Now , its you the reader to tel me if elements of haters of house hold of our beloved prophet Muhammad sallah llah aleih wasallama will be pleased to accept and obey Imam Mahad if He emerges as hadith says he is going to be like Nabi Sallah aleih wasallama everything about him,meaning he will have similar name Muhammad,same face, coming from same family of Nabi Karem Sallah aleih wasallama in accordance to us the Ahli Sunnah wal Jamah.
At this very moment, Shias in Iran and else where in the world are waiting for Imam Mahad to come from among them as a Shia., Imagine this and ponder over it , today both Iran which is Shia strong hold in the world is fighting with Saudi the Sunni strong hold , both waiting for Imam Mahad to come and save the Ummah, Look at this confusion, the Sunni today are joining hands with Jews of Israel- America to fight Shias, and shias are joining hands with idol worshipers of Budhas and Hindus of china to fight Sunnis , see destruction in Yemen and Syria.
Then the worst is Egypt comes up with all sunni countries of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel,France, parading huge military operation to fight against another Sunni who is Turkey in Libya because Turkey is helping to restore intentionally damaged Libya that was attacked by support of the same Sunni countries of Saudi Arabia, UAE, together with Israel,America, France, Italy etc.
With such a confusion , the first people to reject Imam Mahad if he emerges now are the same Sunni , and then Shia simply because its harder to return as a prophet than to be sent as one. Neither Muslim Countries of Shia nor Sunni are eligible to host such a great Imam to save the Ummah because if he comes in Sunni Country the Shia will reject him and if he comes from Shia as they say sunni will reject him. This means he has to come from a country Not Shia not Sunni and he is going to face opposition from both Sunni and Shia because the Sunni of today who are ahli Sunnah wal-jamah as leaders of countries are serving Jews interests,this is unfortunate, they do not support Justice for Palestinian, they instead Support Oppression of Palestinian by Israel, America and their allies. If Imam Mahad emerge now he against them for support of Jews in occupation of Masjidl Aqsa and Plestinian land , taking innocent Muslims men , women children of Palestinians in prisons.
The Only Sunni Country supporting Justice for Palestinian people today is Turkey, and now the world is witnessing hypocrisy of Arabs at greater lever as Allah Subhanahu Wataala says in Quran that: Arabs are the best in infidelity and hypocrisy, “Al-Araab Ashaddu Kufran Wa niffaqan” when Israel is busy annexing west bank and Jordan Valley of Palestine, Arab leaders are busy parading using Egypt to fight against Turkey in Libya who is stopping Israel to annex Palestinian land. So tel me if such people still deserve to be leaders of the Ummah and Imam Mahad will emerge among them with such actions, He can not unless they repent and stand by the truth which is late now for them to do so.
Just to Remind you readers, Allah Subhanahu Wataala changes His promises depending on the actions of believers, an example of Prophet Musa aleih salaam , His mission was to save children of Israel from Firawn and establish for them a kingdom at the holy land of present day Palestine. As Revealed in Holy Quran, Allah Subhanahu Wataala changed plan according to how Firawn reacted with the message of Prophet Musa aleihima salaam and his brother Harun. If Firaun peacefully sent them as Allah ordered , Firaun could have remained with his kingdom and his destruction was not going to happen to him, but when he rejected the message of peacefully sending children of Israel with prophet Musa aleih salaam , Allah Subhanahu Wataala destroyed him and his kingdom and saved Musa and children of Israel when he ordered him to say name of Allah and hit the stick on the waters of present day Red sea, the waters turned into ice block making roads for refugees to run for their lives while Firaun and his army are chasing, when the refugees reached on another side of water, Allah Subhanahu Wataala ordered Musa to hit the stick again on the water that melted back to its original form and destroyed Firawn and his army with waters by suffocation.
The Mission of prophet Musa and his brother Harun just begun after they crossed the waters, Allah Subhanahu Wataala ordered them to make an army and fight for their land to establish their kingdom at holy land of present day Palestine ,Jerusalem as Capital. despite of miracles the children of Israel saw that water turned into roads for them to escape and same waters destroyed their enemies in their eyes , they rejected to fight with prophet Musa aleih salam ,when they rejected, Allah Subhanahu Wataala changed the plan and told Musa :ok there is no fighting allowed anymore until after 40 years for children of Israel who refused to fight struggling in the desert no land for them which they call a home. He told Nabi Musa to leave them alone and go away with his brother Nabi Harun and their families which they did and they both passed as prophets without succession nor acknowledgement of their death because they were in seclusion.
Due to not having a successor of Prophet Musa aleih salaam, the children of Israel had to ask for a leader after 40 years to fight for their home land after they endured worst hardship from their enemies Jalut who was occupying their land , they were attacked in the desert, their children killed,raped, others taken into captive, their houses were demolished , animals and crops destroyed the same thing they are doing today to Palestinians.
The leader Allah Subhanahu Wataala gave them to fight for their land was not the one they expected,this is a lesson to teach you that Imam Mahad we are waiting may come as a different person than the one we are expecting because Allah changes according to actions of people, as for children of Israel he chose for them Taluta as their king, initially they rejected him and they said how can we accept him as our king, he is poor and we are rich, he is black and we are white in complexion, he is not an Arab and we are, their prophet told them the sign of his being chosen as your king is to bring remains of Prophet Musa and Harun and their families being lift by Angels. So they gathered on a mountain and waited , they saw a wooded basked flying in the space and came to Taluta who opened, and he got the miraculous stick of Nabi Musa aleih salaam, his shoes, and his gown, his head scarf and cap, etc.that is when they believed him and they won their battle despite of their small number with less weapons, they acted on Allah’s command ,He sent Invisible army of Angels, winds, etc and assured victory to them that resulted from Nabi Dawood Killing the enemy commander Jalut, and they established their kingdom at present day Palestine, Jerusalem as Capital, his son prophet Sulaiman built Masjidil Aqsa facing in Dome of the Rock as Qibla that was built by prophet Ibrahim aleih salaam with his second son prophet Is-Haq the father of Prophet Yaqub and the father of 12 children including Nabi Yusufu aleih salaam, those 12 children spread into a nation of Israel blessed with prophet hood at holy land in Jerusalem.
As believers, we can only fight a battle and become victors by Allah’s Command because He send His invisible army of Angels, winds, etc, and when ever He wish to do anything He send Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam with message to chosen one among humans to give believers guidance and hope for availability of His Army to save believers. This is exactly what is happening to day and now, i personally announced the coming of Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam to me to save the Ummah and he taught me knowledge of Quran no body has ever heard of it before as a clear sign for believers to believe in me as Imam Mahad Sadiqul Amin, but am like Taluta, he was initially rejected but later accepted and he made them victors. take this as an example to understand how Allah Subhanahu Wataala works, He has chosen me as Imam Mahad to save the Ummah and i have publicly informed the Ummah that is suffering, but believers still want Imam Mahad to emerge their own way they are expecting him yet Allah Subhananhu Wataala decided to send a black person as Imam Mahad, for your information am not ordinary black person, Allah Subhanahu Wataala decided to bring me back as a black person yet i lived before at Macca Madina as Prophet Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama, that is only reason why i qualify to be visited by Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam since prophet hood was over and no any prophet after him.
Now after i was told who Iam by Sayidina Jibrale aleih salaam ,that i lived before as Nabi Muhammad sallah aleih wasallama and that i am Imam Mahad Sadiqul to save my own Ummah, i revised what the ummah of Ahl Sunnah Wal Jamah has got authentically regarding the return of Nabi Sallah aleih wasallama and i pondered over the Hadith that narrates of what was said when the messenger of Allah prophet Muhammad immediately after his death, clearly mentioned that: Sahabia Umar announced to the people that : Nabi Karem Sallah aleih wasallama is not dead and he is going to come back and fight the hypocrites, the hadith continues that sahabia Abubakar came and he stopped him, he said whoever worship Muhammad he is dead, and who ever worship Allah he is eternal forever alive. at this point i call your attention why the Ummah reduced words of Umar to being frightened with death so he said what he said, but the Ummah took words of Abubakar , was he not frightened by the death, these are questions that i am asking my self and reader to come into terms with the truth of me being brought back to life as Imam Mahad Sadiqul Amin as a man who lived before as Prophet Muhammad sallah aleih wasallama and this is the only reason why sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam is coming to me to save the Ummah.
The Ummah is very much aware of the return of Nabi Isa aleih salaam but rejected the words of Umar when he announced the return of prophet Muhammad salah llah aleih wasallama, do not forget, its the same ummah with elements of Yazids who hate family of Nabi Sallah aleih wasallama, after cutting off head of his grand son Imam Husein Radhia llah anhu, you expect Allah to bring Imam Mahad among you as He promised after what you have done to Imam Hussein you Arabs, its impossible for such action that is blamed to Arabs as a nation, so Allah changed his blessings towards other nations from Arabs, for example Muhammad Alfatih who was a Turkish and became a victor in opening Constantinople for Islam as prophet Muhammad sallah aleih wasallama promised. with open hypocrisy of Arabs of today in support of Israel, Imam Mahad can not come among them as a nation. So the few who are suffering waiting for Allah’s help, follow me you will be saved, these rich Arabs with petrol money will never do anything to save you in your sufferings. Wabillah Tawfique

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