Proposed Arab City of Africa Named the Suuh City

Bismillah Raqhman Raheem Tapping into vision 2030 South Africa for development of a new City called “Suuh City” in, Gauteng Province that will be the Arab City of Africa that will host the Biggest Mosque in the world estimated to accommodate a million worshipers with yard that will accommodate up to 10 million people Built on More than 800 Hectares of Land, the Yard is entirely business, that will always be busy 24/7 seven days a week. The Vision of this Mosque is to make a sacred place that is visited by friends and families from different part of the world. Proposed Name of a Mosque is Masjid Nurul Yaqeen:https://ibeco.net/masjid-nurul-yaqeen/ which is the National Grand Mosque of South Africa as National head offices of Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA). http://muscoosa.co.za