Master Plan

Proposed Master Plan

Master Plan reflects social, Political and economic activities of Suuh City proposed to be developed on 2500 ha of land that will be centred with a magnificent mosque adjacent to Administration building comprised of offices, Conference centres, hotels, Palaces, etc. both Mosque and administration buildings will have same parking and same green yard big enough to accommodate approximately 50,000 cars. The parking will be of Gautrain Station of electric fast modern train that has routes to OR Tambo International airport, air strip for private planes parking, private cars, and public transport parking. Gautrain parking will be under ground; on top of Gautrain, is parking for private cars adjacent to public transport. However, the private car parking will have five stories, each story can accommodate 10,000 cars. A shopping mall complex will be adjacent to the parking yard of the magnificent mosque and administration so that the parking Yard and green park will be shared by all three complexes.

Proposed Suuh City the Arab City of Africa

Streets start from this parking to join public roads, tall buildings will be developed on the streets next to the three main complexes. These tall buildings are shops and apartment for city living that have green parks.  All other buildings will continue according to zoning of streets of Suuh City.

Among new buildings includes schools, hospitals, apartments, hotels, residential houses, offices, recreation centres, stadium, museum, etc.