Walking a journey of life depends on visionary leaders those who build everlasting foundations for their nation leading to a prosperous present and near future. Proposed vision 2030 for South Africa is a comprehensive guide that has transformed South Africa into a world Centre of development creating new opportunities for investments, which has attracted the vision of developing a new city Named Suuh City in Gauteng province that will be the Arab City of Africa.

This 2030 Vision of developing a new Town called Suuh City that will be the Arab City of Africa will attract investors from oil rich Middle East, west, European countries, Latin America, Turkey, Asia, and Africa those who wish to live and work in modern satellite town newly developed with aspirations appreciated by everyone.   

In Order to achieve the vision of Suuh City as Arab City of Africa, development of artificial waters is the first priority to design a city beautified with waters that will keep multiple green parks alive, and shine buildings with artificial water falls beautifully designed with lights that gives extremely tremendous beauty as you can see in the cover photo.

Applying available technology of water management system, Suuh City “Abu Dhabi of Africa” will have water drainage system integrated into newest water recycling system that utilise water in the most proper way compatible with magnificent light designs of water jumps and flows.

Suuh City Arab City of Africa will be the most beautiful town of South Africa newly developed on global standards of new satellite cities representing South Africa as a country with the world most beautiful cities.