Bismillah Rahman Raheem. In the name of Allah Most Merciful the Compassionate who send His last Messenger as mercy to the entire Universe our beloved prophet Muhammad Sallah llah aleih wasalama, Peace be upon you in Makkah and Madina when He sent our Master Sayidina Jibrael aleih salam with revelation of the holy Quran as light to guide all people of the world to the straight way “Sirata Mustaqeem” the way of the blessed who earned Allah Subhanahu Wataala’s Bliss ( Ni’mat).

This Ni’mat is Islam is religion of all prophets of Allah Subhanahu Wataala which He proclaimed in the holy Quran that: Today i have completed your religion, and i have accomplished my Ni’mat for you, and I am pleased for you to you all Man Kind Islam as a religion. ( Suratul Maidat chapter 5:3)

The prophet hood ended by the coming of last prophet and messenger of Allah Our Master the holy Prophet Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama ,peace be upon him and there is no prophet after him until the day of Judgement as clearly mentioned in the holy Quran in the verse above that Islam is complete,nothing can be added or taken out since end of prophet Hod in Madina in accordance with Ahli Sunna wal Jamah of the entire Muslim Ummah.

Allah Subhanah Subhanahu Made promises to be fulfilled when He completed Islam and He said he will always save Islam and believers from their enemies at all generations until towards the Day of Judgement when Islam will be in desperate need of His Help because the entire world will turn against Islam and believers, He promised to send a special hero who will emerge as Imam Mahad Sadiqul Amin with extra ordinary Knowledge bestowed upon Him by Allah Subhanatu Wataala to save the Muslim Ummah.

That long awaited Promised Hero to save the Ummah has emerged brought by our master Sayidina Jibrael aleih Salaam in the Sultanate of Katuumu with extra ordinary knowledge to guide the Ummah and extremely very strong Army under the command of Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam and other Angels in His team headed by our master Sayidina Qasim aleihim salam ,peace be upon him to bring the Sovereign of Allah Subhanahu Wataala among Human beings and Jinn (Spirits) that rules all entire creation in the heavens and earth named Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) with Imam Mahad Sadiqul Amin as the Sultan Suuh who is the Khalifah of Allah Subhanahu Wataala on earth to save the Muslim as it was promised, indeed Allah Subhanahu Wataala keep His promise,the prophecy has come true.