Stick of Nabi Musa

H.H Sultan Sheikh Shuaib Shadhili Alyashurity as custodian of the only Stick of power of Nabi Musa aleih Salaat Wa salaam

There is only one stick of Power with eternity that is revealed in the holy Quran, this is the stick of prophet Musa aleih salam peace be upon him which Allah Subhanahu Wataala installed a soul in it and stated to live as the most powerful magnificent creature on earth that turns into anything else on Allah’s Command as clearly revealed in the holy Quran that the stick turned into a snake when Allah Subhanahu Wataala ordered prophet Musa to drop it down, and it turned back into a snake when Allah Subhanahu Wataala ordered him to hold it with his hand as clear sign for him to show Tyrant Fir-awn who was by then the most powerful leader on earth but made some people slaves those who do not belong to his tribe including children of Israel.

Allah Subhana huWataala saved the children of Israel from tyranny Firaun and His Army of Egypt when he ordered Prophet Musa aleih Salaam to use the stick of power and hit it on waters of present day red sea , that waters split into 12 roads for children of Israel to escape and run for their lives from tyranny Firaun and his army who were chasing them, and when the children of Israel crossed and reached on the other side of the waters while Firaun and his army busy chasing them, Allah Subhanahu Wataala order him to hit stick of power again on the waters, the waters came back in their previous position and destroyed friaun and his army that ended their rule forever on earth.

This same stick of Power established Kingdom of children of Israel by prophet Dawood and Sulaiman aleihim salaam that became the most powerful kingdom the earth has ever witnessed that ruled the entire world from east to west, and from North to South, all creations of the earth both seen and unseen all belonged to one king prophet Sulaiman aleih salam by the stick of power under the custodian of Special Angels that was brought back by same Angels after 40 years of Prophet Musa and Haroun to Talut when Allah Subhanahu Wataala chose him as king for the children of Israel to fight against oppression and persecution, and with that stick they were victors and they established the Kingdom of Israel at the holy land that hosts Jerusalem and Masjidil Aqsa in Palestine, are the same Angels brought back this stick of Nabi Musa aleih salaam a great friend of Allah Subhanahu Wataala , Waliyu-llah, Qutubul Ghauth His Highness Sultan Sheikh Shuaib Shadhili Al-Yashurtiy who is currently the most power full Wali of Allah today in the entire world as custodian of the stick of power until the day of judgment by Allah’s will as the founder of Sultanate of Katuumu which is the caliphate of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA).

Any one becomes the Sultan Suuh as heir by becoming the custodian of this stick of of Nabi Musa aleih Salaam which currently in the custodianship of his heir as Second Sultan Suuh of Sultanate of Katuumu His Highness Sultan Sheikh Muhammad ShuaibShadhili Al-Yashurtiy. Wabillah tawfique wahuwa ala ma naqul wakil.