Declaration of Wilaayat


In the night of this day of 1st June 2018-17thshawwal 1439, I am ordered to declare to all people of the entire world that I am as a friend of Allah (waliyu-llah) who lived before as Muhammad Rasullu-llah, Muhammad the messenger of Allah Sallah aleih wasallama (peace be upon him) buried at Medina as His last prophet sent to all people of the world as mercy to the entire universe and the sign of my declaration of wilayyat is the coming of Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam to me since 1999. Allah Subhanahu Watala has brought me back to life as Imam Mahad Saidiqul Amin to save the Ummah as He promised.

Allah Subhanahu Watallah is sending Sayidina Jibirael aleih salaam who told me, I am Jibrael and you are the Imam Mahad Sadiqul Amin the entire Muslim Ummah is waiting for, you lived before as Muhammad Rasulu-llah at Macca and Medina, again Allah Subhanahu Wataala is sending me to you as He sent me before with the same message of the holy Quran for the following commandments:

  1. Reveal the secrets hidden in the verses of the holy Quran that were not translated known to every Muslim.
  2.  Guide the entire Muslim Ummah back to the truth.
  3.  Save the entire Muslim Ummah from persecution by enemies of Islam who have destroyed Islam and Muslim countries one after another with help of hypocrites in the Ummah, making millions of Muslims widows, orphans and refugees. Destroyed mosques, injured and martyred thousands of Palestinians in attempt to take over Masjidil Aqsa by placing metal detectors on entrances,  they have injured and martyred thousands on declaration of Jerusalem as capital of Israel by America after more than 100 years of killing and expulsion of millions of Palestinians, taken their houses and occupied their land, their horrible next action is to annex Part of Palestine in the west bank and Jordan Valley to Israel and then destroy Masjidil Aqsa and Dome of the Rock to build their third temple of Shaitan, but the price is to kill whoever comes in their way Muslim or not. They have planned this action for years using establishment of new churches in their favour across the world using governments and taxpayer’s money in preparation to attack and kill anyone against them in destruction of Masjidil Aqsa and Dome of the Rock anywhere in the world.

Allah Subhanahu Wataala cannot allow that to happen as he took an Oath to protect his Deen of Islam and His believers forever, therefore He brought back His Messenger Prophet Muhammad Rasulu-llah sallah aleih wasallama (peace be upon him) as one of His friends (Awliyaaellah) born as ordinary child to Sultan Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Sultan Sheikh Shuaib Shadhili Alyashurtiy and Sultanat Hafsa bint Sultan Ibrahim Shadhiliy Alyashurtiy in the Sultanate of Katuumu the Caliphate of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) in Uganda.

When I was born as a normal child, I was named by my father and lived in the names of Allamal Yaqeen bin Muhammad, upon starting classes of revelation of Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam in 1999 , I took the names of Sultan Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenu-llah Allamal Yaqeen ibn Sultan Sheikh Muhammad Shadhiliy Alyashurtiy, Ibn Sultan Sheikh Shuaib Shadhili Alyashurtiy with names that describes my work in the spiritual and physical world as Nurul Anwar, Saidil Abraar, Adhim Sultan, Khalifatul Islam, Imamul warithin, Sultanul Aqtaab Al-Gauthiyat, Jabalul Haq,Imam Mahad Sadiqul Amin, Khadimul Arhil Adhim.     

AS a friend of Allah Subhanahu Wataala (waliyu-llah) who lived before as Prophet Muhammad Rasulu-llah , the messenger of Allah sent to all people of the world as mercy for the entire universe, I am ordered by sayidna jibrael aleih salaam to declare the Establishment of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) in Sultanate of Katuumu with Revelation of Nuru Nubuwat Bi Durrul Manthur as Hijjatul warithin and Umratul warithin at Masjid Masjidil Aqsa and Dome of the Rock and Masjid Nurul Yaqeen (place elsewhere in the world chosen) mandatory to every Muslim as an extension of Hajj the fifth pillar of Islam starting this year of 1439 immediately after hajj in Makkah on the 14th of Dhul hijj 1439 Islamic calendar towards the end of the month of Dhil Hijj, Then continue with Umratul Warithin only any time of the year until next Hajj Period of 1440 and more years to come to the day of judgement.

Umratul Warithin and Hijjatul Warithin, brings all Sharia and Tariqa in the world together with a new title of Alwarithin in the holy Quran Chapter 23:1:11), from that Terminology I am Imamul warithin for observation of all conditions of Alwarithin as mentioned in 23:1-11 Chapter of Quran sauratu al mu’emin and for Umratul Warithin and Hijjatul Warithin. As Imamul Warithin I take Biat of those who wish to be among the Alwarithin as their Imam and I take them as my followers in the name of Allah most merciful the compassionate.

I took Biat from Sayidina Jibrael aleih salam who has already paraded with invisible Army of Angels to save the Ummah waiting believers to respond to this mandatory call of taking Biat from him by taking from me as clearly mentioned in live conversation between me and an angel on phone as a live chat written in our book Nuru Nubuwat bi-Durrul Manthur, get a pdf copy of this book and details about us by visiting our official websites .

 Wabillah Tawfique wa aleih tawakkalna, Wallah ala ma naqool wakil (Allah Subhanahu Wataala is the Witness and in Charge of everything we say here).


His Highness Sultan Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Rasulullah sallah llah aleih Wasallama (peace and blessings be upon me and my household, my companions, my heirs and all my devoted followers of the Ummah), by the names of Sultan Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenu-llah Allamal Muhammad Shuaib Shadhili Alyashurtiy ,Nurul Anwar, Saidil Abraar, Adhim Sultan, Khalifatul Islam, Imamul warithin, Imam Mahad Sadiqul Amin, Khadimul Arshil Adhim, Sultan of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA).