Great Wali of Allah

Sultan Sheikh Shuaib Ibn Is-Haq Qutub Zamaan, the Greatest Wali of the time , May Allah sanctify his secret. Qadasa llahu sirruhul Aziz.

Bismillar Rahman Raheem. Alhamdu lillah wasalaat wassalaam ala rasuli llah, Allahuma ala Muhammad wa alihi Wabarik wasallim. everything started with him in the photo my Grand father side , He is the bearer of the secret that has become a topic which captured Muslim Community mindset worldwide. He is a Great Wali of Allah Subhanahu Wataala,who reached at the levelof Qutub. He lived on earth between 1820 until 1972 when he mate Allah Subhanahu Wataala. He belonged to the Palace of Buganda Kingdom and his father was in charge of choosing who becomes a king, when He went to a deal of buying guns for the kingdom from Arabs at East Africa coast of Indian Ocean, that is where he met so many Muslim Arabs who introduced Islam to Him.

Upon coming back to Uganda , he met some other royal family members embraced Islam and they all joined together and they formed an Islamic branch of Buganda Kingdom with prince Nuh Mbogo,they formed an Islamic administration in Uganda that was under Buganda Kingdom and only a royal Family member can be a leader of Islam. Sultan Initiated His own Sultane of Katuumu and he declared that not only royals are qualified to be leaders of Islam, there is no racism in Islam, any qualified Muslim can be chosen a leader of Islam which he achieved by formation of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

He became the first Grand Mufti of Uganda and he also embraced Tariqat Al-Qadiriyat and later he joined Shadhili Al-Yashurtiy as we all know and aware in the Ummah today, there are different kinds of Tariqa initiated by Awliyaaellah. Qadasa llah sirruhul Aziz. During His time, so much of miracles happened that were witnessed by his murid and the world, He is a very powerful Awliyaaellah who used to receive what we know in Tariqa of Ahli Sunnah Wal Jammah as Ilhaam means inspirations or enlightenment. Briefly before His death he Declared saint hood in his family and he said, among his descendants his secret will be revealed to the world.

In His will he said that: “among my sons, Sultan Sheikh Muhammad Shuaib Shadhili Al-Yashrutiy my father is his heir who was young by then”. Inheritance of such a great Wali of Allah becomes a challenge because you inherit also his secret. the mother of My father is waliyat -Llah Saudat bint Musa Shadhili Al-yashurtiy who is still alive and confess so many miracles about my Grand Father Qutubul Aqtaab is a daughter of another friend of Allah who was His Murid.

Among live miracles of Sheikh is that he left this world in 1972 but he is always back from the grave and make Tahajud salah with his only surviving wife Waliyat Saudat bin Musa my Grand mother, Father side, as Confess that most of days she performs Tahajud Salah with him live in her bed room when they finish he goes back to his grave. when we heard this as children , it was so amazing and almost impossible, all village where He buried only His family, so we gathered so many grand children and left homes of our parents and we all decided to sleep in his home,there was a family daughter he was being prepared for marriage so She was staying in his home and she told every body that she heard him and one of his wive who Left this Duniya during 1990s Hajjat Nusurat the mother of step uncles.

When we switched off the light to sleep, we heard very heavy winds blowing and window to the room near his bedroom was making noise, the next thing we heard was an old man walking with a stick. The Daughter in preparation of marriage tried to wake us up, only me and my young brother were awake and we were hearing everything but so frightened that he is actually in the house yet we always by his tomb and give him salams, some we used to hear voice replying salams but as children we thought its normal and we did not notice anything strange until that day.

I my self could not sleep because i was so frightened by the fact that some one who died long time ago,my grand father came back and is in the same house where we are sleeping talking to my grand Mother His wife mother of my father, the house was not covered with ceiling so you could hear clearly what is said another room. i heard him going to the bathroom,making wuth and they both started to perform salat Tahajud.

Because of extreme fear i could not sleep the entire night,in the middle of the night he came walking with his stick in the sitting room close to our guest room where we were sleeping,i was so frightened that i could not even move my hand or do any movement,when he knew am so frightened he did not enter the room, he went back to his bedroom and he continued with Dhikir and salat Tahajudi together his wife my grand Mother Waliyat Saudat who is alive and confess all this i am narrating to you for your benefit to understand words of Allah Subhanahu in Quran when he said,Indeed those who die in His way are actually not dead, they are alive and they being given rizq where they are by their Lord. i was awake until i heard Fajr adhan and i wished to salah but i remembered he is in the house and i am so frightened, then i heard him waking his other wife for Salah, but most strange thing was,at the same time i heard the door of sitting opening which was locked the same time i heard door of his Tomb closing,and i knew he went back to His Grave,that is the last time i stopped to be awake until 10 oclock and i missed Fajr Salah i was over taken by my entire life i will never forget that incident.

So many Miracles we can not mention here but just another one is when his students come back from Hajj, they say they have seen him at the Kaabah and they will come and announce live in the Masjid. Qadasa llahu Al-Aziz. My Allah Keep us in his company and company of Truthfulness. Amen.

upon growth of my father he married my mother saidat Hafsa Ibrahim who was daughter a dedicated Murid of Sultan Sheikh Shuaib Shadhili and alsoa Wali of Allah, Khalifah Ibrahim and we were born four sons. learning in schools as normal children until 1999 when everything started to surface on me and my young brother who is the head of Tariqa of Shadhili Al-Yashurtiy in Uganda who was endorsed by great grandson of sayid Muhammad Al-maruf the heir to Sayid Muhammad Al-maruf the son of Sayid Ali Wafah the son of Sayid Muhammad Al-maruf of Comoros Island Indian Ocean through Kenya-Tanzania east Africa.

The Aqida of Ahli sunnal wal Jamah who are pure sunni those who believe in Awliyaaeellah and follow them, we believe that every Waliya-llah inherit a previous prophet according to authentic hadith of prophet Muhammad salah aleih wasalama that says:”Al-Ulamaau Warathatul Ambiyaae”meaning those who are grounded in knowledge are inherits of prophets and no dispute about that. My Grand the Great Wali of Allah Subhanahu Wataala inherited the secret of Nabi Ibrahim aleih salam we all know he built the Kaaba and he announced to the entire humanity to go for Hajj as revealed in Quran chapter called Hajj. we all know who completed that call, is his grandson our father prophet Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama his wives are our mothers as believers according to the holy Quran.

Now you can understand what kind of Task came on me as the grand son of Waliyallah who inherited sayidina Ibrahim aleih salam is to call the entire humanity to Hajj that has rituals of Nabi sallah aleih wasallama. The hajii rituals we have has in Makkah are rituals of Nabi Ibrahim aleih salam.

This comes from the prayer we make every mandatory and other salaat towards the end when we say: “allahuma salli ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad kama salaita ala Ibrahim wa ala ali ibrahim wabarik ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad Kama barakat ala Ibrahim wa ali ibrahim fil alameen inka Hamedu Majeed. “meaning Or Ya Allah salute upon Nabi Muhammad and his house hold the same way you saluted our master prophet Ibrahim and his house hold or Ya Allah bless prophet Muhammad and his house hold the nsame way you blessed prophet Ibrahim and his house hold, indeed your the praised with highest honor

Regarding that prayer we all pray every time, we have to understand its a prayer to be answered, we are praying to Allah to salute and bless our beloved prophet Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama and his house hold the same way He saluted and blessed prophet Ibrahim and his house hold.

We go Back to the same prayer and understand what the Ummah is praying for by analyzing how Allah Subhanahu Wataala has Saluted and blessed Sayidina Ibrahim and his house hold? the answer is very clear.

Here is the answer, : Allah Subhanahu Wataala ordered our beloved master prophet Muhammad sallah llah alieh wasallama peace be upon him to command believers to perform Hajji rituals, and when he was asked what are Haji rituals, Revelation came from Allah that it is moving around the Kaaba which was bulit by sayidina Ibrahim and his son sayidina Ismael, slaughtering of animals in remembrance of saydina Ibrahim scarifice of his son Ismael to Allah and he slaughtered him intentionally and physically but Allah’s power stopped the sword he was using to cut the throat but when he hit the same sword on the rock it out of frustration the rock separated into two, His knife could not separate the head from the body, even to leave a mark on his neck. in Hajji rituals there is running seven times between Saffa and Marua which is an action done by our grand mother Hajara Mother of Sayidina Ismael when she ran between the two mountains in search for water for her son Sayidina Ismael, there is stoning of the pillar which was done by Sayidina Ibrahim his wife sayidat Hajara and son sayidina Ismael chasing shaytan who appeared to them in human form and tried to divert their intention of sacrificing Ismael the only son to Prophet Ibrahim whom he got in old age and he loved most, standing in Arafa where our father Adam and his wife our mother Hawa met each after separation from heaven from Janat when Allah Subhanahu Wataala expelled them for the sin they committed of eating fruit from forbidden fruit in Jannat that cause them loose their garments and they became naked. They instead used leaves of trees to cover themselves.

Those rituals are mandatory until the day of judgement by commad of Allah Subhanahu Wataala so that Sayidina Ibrahim and His family are always remembered.

The question is what are the similar rituals of Nabi Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama and his house hold that keeps them remembered to the day of Judgement?

Look Allah Subhanahu Wataala’s wisdom, Sayidina Ibrahim did not have only one son, he had two sons, one we have seen was prophet Ismael and another one is prophet Is-haq the father of Prophet Ya’qub. With prophet Is-haq he built what we call Dome of the Rock of Masjidil Aqsa in Jerusalem as Qibla for performing salah, and from prophet Is-haq Allah Subhanahu Wataala choose prophets among them three books were revealed, Tawraat was revealed to prophet Musa peace be upon him who was a son from lineage of Prophet Yusufu who was son of prophet Yaqub who was son of Prophet Is-haq aleihim salaam peace be upon them all, Zabur was revealed to prophet Dawud who was from the lineage of prophet Musa and Harouna, and Injil revealed to prophet Isa aleih salam who was the son of his MotherSayidat Mariam.

Now we can now Understand what we pray to Allah Subhanahu Wataala to salute and bless prophet Muhammad sallah aleih wasallama and his house hold the same way he blessed sayidina Ibrahim and his house hold.

How Allah Subhanahu Wataala answered the Prayer of salutations and blessings upon Nabi sallah llah aleih wasallama and his house hold

  1. Prophet hood turned into Saint hood after end of Prophet hood but inspirations continued to those chosen to be Awliyaellah. The prayer upon Nabi Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama we make every end of Salah simply means that: Ya Allah Subhanahu Wataala give prophet Muhammad and his house hold Hajj rituals to remember him as you gave Isayidina Ibrahim and his house hold, and give Prophet Muhammad and his house hold lineage of Prophets as you gave prophet ibrahim from his son Is-haq. But remember he is the last Prophet and no Prophet after him, so Allah Subhanahu Wataala answered that prayer by giving him inheritors of prophets as Awliyaae llah he kept door of revelation open for them to receive inspirations of wisdom written in their books, and their teaching that has turn into Tariqas of Islam.

To bless his house hold, those who are chosen to be Awliyaaellah come from the family of Nabi Sallah aleih wasallama we know from the line of his Daughter Sayidat fatima Radiya llahu Anha simply the prophet hood was over , they could not come from a son as we all know that prophet’s two sons Ibrahim and Qasim went to Allah Subhanahu Wataala at infant stage as recorded in books of sirra. The same happened to Nabi Isa, he was born without a father and he had no child in order to end prophet hood in the children of Israel.

2. The second Blessings upon Nabi sallah aleih wasallama and his house hold the same way Allah blessed sayidina Ibrahim aleih salam is to give him Hajj rituals to remember him and his house hold and Qibla. The Qibla for Nabi Sallah aleih wasallama was identified during his prophet Hood as the first Qibla By the holy Journey of Israai wali Miraaj when he faced in Masjidil Aqsa of Dome of the Rock and his companions as the first Qibla of Islam, while his rituals was included in the inspirations taught by Awliaaellah by teaching their followers celebration of Milad Nabi Sallah aleih wasallama in which he is remembered and his house hold, also Allah Subhanahu Wataala included in the inspirations upon his friends we call Awliya llah how to remember Him (Allah) excessively as He says in Quran, so both salat ala Nabi known as Milad and Remembrance of Allah known as Dhikir became Tariqas of ahli sunnah wal Jammah.

The Aweliyaaellah taugth their followers also to pray for them by saying “Qadasa llah sirruhil Aziz, May Allah sanctify his secret” meaning his inspirations that has lead people to following him as murids must be sanctified in order to be included in Sharia of Nabi Muhammad sallah aleih wasallama because there is no prophet after him and everything inspired must be in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.

So the secret for My Grand father Sheikh Shuaib Shadhil Al-Yashurtiy is to convert the Teachings of Awliyaaellah that became Tariqas into rituals of Haji and Umra for Nabi Sallah aleih wasallama as its made for Ibrahim aleih salam, but to make Hajj and Umra you must have a Kaaba Built by Nabi Ibrahim aleih salam so that its included in sharia of Islam, His night Journey of Israa wali Miraj chose that sacred place for haji and Umra similar to the Kaaba and that is Dome of the Rock of Masjidil Aqsa Jerusalem.

But we as humans either prophet or friend of Allah, we do not have the authority to declare Haji or Umra at level because its a worship of Allah Subhanahu Wataala that pleases him that is why only the one who was sent with declaration of Hajji and Umra at the sacred Kaaba in Makkah our master sayidina Jibrael aleih salam, is the only who can come by Allah will to declare Dome of the rock of Masjidil Aqsa as sacred place for Haji and Umra for Nabi sallah aleih wasallama where rituals of Hajj and Umra for Nabi Sallah llah aleih wasallama that what was inspired before to Awliayaaellah as Milad and dhikrullah known as Tariqa.

In order to elevate Tariqa to the level of Hajji and Umra, sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam taught me what must be read and that is what we have shared on this website click suuh publications to get a copy. if you read what has been taught me by Sayidina Jibrael alih salaam and continue with your dhikir and Milad of Nabi Kareem sallah aleih wasallama, then your dhikr and salawat has been elevated to the level of hajj and Umra for Nabi Sallah llah aleih wasallama. The only one who can do that kind of elevation is Allah Subhanahu Wataala, and He send Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam with message as He wishes, this kind of elevetion is called Umratul Warithin and Hijjatul Warithin. This is the only solution to save Palestine.

For believers this is a blessing for the Ummah that was promised by the prophet Inshallah i will show you authentic ahaadith in six books regarding what will happen during end of time. for those who do not believe they get lost further from this truth as spoken here. Sayidina Jibrael Aleih salam tells me what to say and what to declare so ask him not me by asking Allah Subhanahu Wataala who hears you wherever you are Regarding Declarations made. my work it to say as ordered. Qaddasa llah surri Al Aziz. May Allah sanctify my secret and my family. Amen.

love of Nabi Nabi Sallah aleih wasallama supersede anything you can think of to do to reach divine presence of Allah Subhanahu Wataala quickly so He is pleased with you before you leave this life. So you must have a sheikh who can help you understand how to love Nabi sallah aleih wasallama without worshiping him, but as the way Allah Subhanahu Wataala is pleased with and ordered believers to love him in the verse of Quran that says” inkuntum tuhiboona llah fattabiun yahbibukum llah wayaghafir lakum,if you want love Allah follow me He will love you and he will forgive you” . Wabillah Tawfique