Member state of SKA must and shall always commission within their Capital and other desired land the International diplomacy of the Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) that shall be called: THE ROYAL HIGH COMMISSION OF SUUH KINGDOM OF ARABIA (SKA) with all rights, freedom and privileges of an independent state upon signing this Declaration of Peace for Palestine (DPP) in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

Any country immediately becomes a member state of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) upon signing this Declaration of Peace for Palestine (DPP) either by International Bureau of Corporations (IBECO) or Global Muslim Alliance (GMA) or both, and shall be called SKA member state.

The SKA member state shall and will always facilitate the Commission with property(s) that will be used as official international diplomatic address(s), facilitate the SKA diplomats with international Diplomatic status including their families, monthly wages, homes, and all operational costs to carry out their duties including security, healthy, travel expenses, and all other needed expenses of SKA commission of Member state.

  • The Commissioner, Governor and Imam may be citizens or permanent Residents of SKA member state, the Khalifah must be from Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA). All diplomats of SKA are appointed by SKA with recommendation of SKA Member State.
  • The number of diplomats may increase depending on the size of operations.
  •  The member state shall and will always take part in contribution of financial Aid to Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) for Operations of Global Muslim Alliance (GMA).
  • Member states shall and will always organise Global Muslim Alliance (GMA) summit once a year rotating with in member states at the expense of hosting member state that may be on request shared by willing member state.