1. THAT: Independence of the State of Palestine

15th May is Independence Day for the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as capital and borders of 1967 determined and confirmation by United Nations clearly witnessed and documented as Borders of the state of Palestine. Independence for the state of Palestine means Re-birth of a beautiful new Nation that will take a new name upon raising the flag of independence as “THE SUUH KINGDOM OF ARABIA (SKA) المملكة العربيّة

 السّوحيّة free from all kinds of oppression, aggression, intimidation, occupation and fear, a sovereign state that will give birth to the return of her children in their homeland by the will and command of Allah Subhanahu Wataala, that return to their homeland shall forever be a bliss of celebration of His praises thanking Him for His mercy and compassionate for restoration of holiness and tranquillity upon the holy land blessed for the entire world as mentioned in the holy Quran upon raising the flag of independence for the state of Palestine.