Declaration of Peace for Palestine (DPP) is Divine Solution for Palestine-Israel States both claiming ownership to the land which Allah Subhanahu Wataala Declared Sacred in the Holy Quran and previous holy Books of prophets as Jerusalem is the home of our father Sayidina Ibrahim aleih Salaam with his wife our mother sayidat Sarah the mother of Nabi Is-haq, the the father of Nabi Yaqoob , the father of twelve children including Nabi Yusul aleih salaam ,those spread into a nation of children of Israel according to holy Quran.

The elder son of Nabi Ibrahim aleih salaam ,Nabi Ismael whom he sacrificed to Allah Subhanahu Wataala is the father of all Arabs including the best and last holy prophet our beloved master Muhammad Rasulu-llah Sallah llah aleih wasallama wa alihi wasahabihi ( Muhammad messenger of Allah peace be upon him, his house hold, and his companions) who continued with holiness of Jerusalem when Allah Subhanahu Wataala sent him to all people of the world as mercy to the entire creation.

Every believer of Prophet Ibrahim aleih salaam is certain that Jerusalem is part of his or her faith as holy land of worship in accordance with different kinds of faith such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism. That same blessed holy land that hosts Jerusalem with sacred Dome of the Rock of Masjidil Aqsa has become center of bloodshed among believers fighting for control and ownership of that holy land which belongs to Allah Subhanahu Wataala who blessed that part of the earth and made it holy not to be a curse to humanity but a blessing and sanctuary to all people of the world. History records conflicts of Islam Christianity and Judaism fighting for that same land , and every faith has been given a chance to be in charge , Christians ruled that land, then Muslims, and now the Jews are in charge. But that place has only been a sanctuary to humanity as sacred place of worship only when Islam and Muslims are ruling.

End of time has approached for the day judgement to appear, so has taken back the rule of His holy land of Jerusalem from Humanity of Humans and Jinn to Himself sending His Angels to apply all possible force to restore in that holy land for ever until day of Judgement. they will never ever be blood shed again on that holy land. The Angels are on earth as we write this information with mission to Declare Peace for Palestine and to all people of the world under the command of our beloved master Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam (peace be upon him) and other Angels in His team headed by our Master Sayidina Qassim aleihim Salaam (peace be upon them). to manifest Allah’s Sovereign from heavens to earth among human beings as Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA). This Declaration was made official in the night of power (lailatul Qadir) which is 27 night of Ramadan 1440-2019 and public announcement was made to all people of the world with warning and ultimatum of consequences if not obeyed, COVID-19 is clear sign if it which has affected the entire world, and solution is to answer to this call of command for Declaration of Peace for Palestine (DPP) by world powers.