The Role of International Bureau of Corporations (IBECO) and Global Muslim Alliance (GMA) for Palestine is to create and provide Global diplomacy for restoration of sovereignty of the state of Palestine. The world is witnessing global support for Palestine that has included all kinds of people of different faiths and races, men and women, Muslim and Non-Muslim, from different countries. This is a clear indication that free Palestine is no longer an Arab or Islamic struggle only, but a collective responsibility of all people of the world calling for an end to occupation of Palestine Land by State of Israel and peace for the people of Palestine.

If we define Palestine in terms of faith, Palestine is a nation of mixed faiths majorly Christians, Jewish and Muslim Arabs, they are all centred at the holy Land where Christians have the church of holy Sepulchre, western wall for Jews, Dome of the Rock and Masjidil Aqsa for Muslims.

Sacred Dome of the Rock of Masjidil Aqsa in Jerusalem is the direction of prayers for Jews which is also the first direction of prayers for Islam before facing in Macca, as clearly Revealed in Holy Quran and recorded in authentic books of Ahadith of Islam.

This indicates undeniable fact that Palestine Hosts the holy land for sacred Dome of the Rock of Masjidil Aqsa of Jerusalem for Muslims, Church of Holy Sepulchre for Christians and Western wall for Jews means an Islamic system of governance that accommodate all religions and advocates for the right and freedom of worship. This kind of governance executed in Jordan and Egypt border with Palestine.

Identifying the kind of Government system applicable to the state of Palestine determines the kind of emergency diplomacy required to restore the sovereignty of the state of Palestine by maximising the potential of International support for Palestine world-wide peacefully without fighting by creating a negotiation platform that involves all people of different faiths and races from different parts of the world represented by International Bureau of Corporations (IBECO) and statutory corporate body in charge of Islam and Muslim affairs of SKA member states for national and international representation commonly known as Muslim Supreme councils or similar status and function, and ministry of Islamic affairs forming the Union of Muslim Supreme Councils (UMSC) that result into operation of Global Muslim Alliance (GMA).

The International Bureau of Corporations (IBECO) and Global Muslim Alliance (GMA) operations including IBECO&GMA summit is that emergency Diplomacy that gives representatives of different faiths and races an opportunity to contribute to the restoration of sovereignty for the state of Palestine by fully participating in negotiations for a free Palestine with Israel and America.

 Delegates of IBECO&GMA Summit are comprised of representatives of  SKA member states, representatives of statutory bodies for administration of Islamic affairs of those countries who become SKA member states by GMA, representatives of different faiths those who become member states of SKA by IBECO, representatives of civil society organisations, representatives of private corporate organisations and individual businesses, human right activists, representatives of Organisation of Islamic conference (OIC), representatives of African union (AU), representatives of European Union (EU), representatives of United nations (UN), representatives of countries who have not yet become SKA member states, church leaders of Christian communities, synagogue leaders of Jewish communities, political activists, and all those involved in support for Palestine, leaders of Muslim Communities, prominent academicians, heads of states, ministers, ambassadors, Palestinian representations and Jordan is a must.