A). To take all possible peaceful measures that will always and forever ensure independence and sovereignty of the state of Palestine as an Arab nation for the people of Palestine by giving an opportunity to Muslims and non-Muslims of different countries to be part of negotiations for independence of Palestine as a sovereign state from Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Israel and international Community peacefully.

B). To empower the statutory corporate body in charge of Islamic affairs for the state of  Palestine to rebuild and manage the Holy land of Masjidil Aqsa of Dome of the Rock of Jerusalem and encourage more tourists to visit the holy land which will be a source of income with less capital but more profitable to the country.

C). To enable the statutory corporate body in Charge of Islamic Affairs in Palestine to maximise the potential of statutory corporate bodies in charge of Islamic affairs from almost all countries in the world as a driving force that directs international Support for Palestine a fruitful struggle for sovereignty of the state of Palestine .

D). Restoration of broken structures of Islam as result of wars in Muslim countries specially Palestine and encourage rebuilding of destroyed Islamic centres, mosques, schools, hospitals, etc developing and managing orphanage centres to help men, women and children who have lost their families and wealth during wars which is an obligation of every Muslim.

E).  To create responsive frame work for distribution of Aid to the people of Palestine and those living in war torn areas of other  Muslim Countries to supply immediate essentials needed in refugee camps and help them to return back to their homes making it possible for them with financial Aid.

F). Observation of uniform Applications of internationally approved sharia laws in Palestine and all countries. This helps Muslims living in weak countries in Islam to comply with authentic Sharia guidance and avoid any form of Isolation from the International Muslim Community for Unity of Muslim Ummah in administration of Islamic affairs which is so paramount and the only step forward to the future of everlasting peaceful Islam of wealth and health in Palestine and rest of the world.